What Is Ethical Hacking? | Ethical Hacking Explanation

What Is Ethical Hacking?

We, humans, are highly tech-savvy in today's times. The extensive use of the internet and modern technologies there is a massive challenge in protecting all our digital data such as net banking, information account credentials and medical reports to name a few have you heard about the deadly one cry ransomware attack the attack happened in May 2017. In Asia and then it spread across the world within a day more than 230,000 computers were infected. Across 150 countries the one equal crypto worm encrypted the data and locked. The users out of their systems for decryption of the data. The users were asked for a ransom of 300 to 600 dollars in Bitcoin. The users who use the unsupported version of Microsoft Windows and those who hadn't installed the security update of April 2017 were targeted in this attack.

Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security

What Is Ethical Hacking? The one a cry attack took a toll on every sector top-tier organizations like Itachi, Nissan, and FedEx had to put their businesses on hold as their systems were effective. Now, this is what you call a cyber attack to prevent such attacks. Cyber Security is implemented. We can define cybersecurity as the practice of protecting networks programs computer systems in their components from unauthorized digital attacks. These illegal attacks are often referred to as hacking refers to exploiting weaknesses in a computer network to obtain, unauthorized access to information. A hacker is a person who tries to hack into computer systems this is a misconception.


Different Types of hackers

What Is Ethical Hacking? That hacking is always wrong there are hackers. who works with different motives. let's have a look at three different types of hackers: blackhat hackers, are individuals who illegally hack into a system for a monetary gain on the contrary. We have whitehat hackers, who exploit the vulnerabilities in a system by hacking into it with permission in order to defend the organization this form of hacking is absolutely legal and ethical hence they are also often referred to as ethical hackers in addition to these hackers. We also have the grey-hat, as the name suggests the color gray is a blend of both white and black. These hackers discover vulnerabilities in a system and report. It to the system's owner which is a good act but they do this without seeking the owner's approval sometimes gray hat hackers also ask for money in return for the spotted vulnerabilities.


Story of Dan

What Is Ethical Hacking? Now, that you have seen the different types of hackers. let's understand more about the hacking that is legal and valid ethical hacking through an interesting story Dan. runs a trading company. He does online training with the money of his customers and best everything. was going well and Dan's business was booming. Until a hacker decided to hack the company's servers the hackers stole the credentials of various trading accounts. He asked for a lump sum ransom in exchange for the stolen credentials. Dan took the hacker's words lightly and didn't pay the hacker as a, result in the hacker withdrew money from various customer accounts and Dan was liable to pay back the customers. Dan lost a lot of money and also the trust of his customers after this incident. Who could have run a test attack to see how vulnerable systems.


Finding vulnerabilities

What Is Ethical Hacking? Were before the hacker penetrated into the network this was when he realized. He needed an employee who thinks like a hacker and identifies the vulnerabilities in his network before an outsider does to do this job he hired an ethical hacker. John was a skilled professional, who worked precisely like a hacker in no time he spotted several vulnerabilities. In Dan's organization and closed all the loopholes hiring an ethical hacker helped. Dan protects his customers from further attacks in the future this in turn increased the company's productivity and guarded the company's reputation so, Now you know hacking is not always bad. John in this scenario exposed the vulnerabilities in the existing network and such hacking is known as Ethical Hacking.

Steps To Finding vulnerabilities:

What Is Ethical Hacking? Ethical Hacking, Is distributed into six different phases. Let us look at these phases step by step with respect to John our ethical hacker will act before launching an attack the first step:. John takes is to gather all the necessary information about the organization's system that he intends to attack this step is called reconnaissance he uses tools like in map and ping for this purpose. John then tries to spot the vulnerabilities. If any in the target system using tools like in map and expose this is the scanning phase now that he has located the vulnerabilities. He then tries to exploit them this step is known as gaining access after, John makes his way through the organization's networks. He tries to maintain his access for future attacks by installing backdoors in the target system the Metasploit-tool helps him with this phase is called maintaining access.

six different phases

What Is Ethical Hacking? John is a brilliant hacker. hence he tries his best not to leave any evidence of his attack this is the fifth phase clearing tracks. We now have the last phase that is reported in this phase. John documents a summary of his entire attack the vulnerabilities. he spotted the tools he used and the success rate of the attack looking into the report. Dan is now able to take a call and see how to protect his organization, from any external cyberattacks. Don't you all think John is an asset to any organization? If you want to become an ethical hacker like John then there are a few skills that you need to acquire first and foremost you need to have.


Skills Required

What Is Ethical Hacking? Good knowledge of operating environments. such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh. You must have reasonably good knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML, PHP, Python, SQL, and JavaScript. Networking is the base of Ethical Hacking hence you should be good at it ethical hackers should be well aware of security laws.


So, that they don't misuse their skills finally. You must have a global certification on ethical hacking to successfully bag a position of ethical like. John's few examples of ethical hacking certification are certified. ethical hacker certification sees come, tea, pin, test plus, and license penetration tester certification. so, here's a question for you in which phase of ethical hacking will. You install backdoors in the target system a scanning, B-maintaining access sees, clearing tracks D reconnaissance. Give it a thought and leave your answers in the comment section. Technologies in this area are directly proportional to the number of cybercrimes. cybercrimes are estimated to cost six trillion dollars in 2021, Hints to tackle these cyber crimes organizations are continuously on the lookout for cybersecurity professionals.



What Is Ethical Hacking? The average annual salary of a certified ethical hacker is ninety-one thousand dollars in the US. and approximately Rupee pays seven lakhs in India. so, what are you waiting for getting certified and become an ethical hacker like John and put an end to the cyber attacks in the world we hope you found this informative and helpful if you enjoyed this blog. please comment and share. thank you.


Who should take the Ethical Hacking Course? The Certified Ethical Hacker CEH training course is best suited for:

  • - Network security officers and practitioners.
  • - Site administrators.
  • - IS/IT specialist, analyst, or manager.
  • - IS/IT auditor or consultant.
  • - IT operations manager.
  • - IT a security specialist, analyst, manager, architect, or an administrator.
  • - IT security officer, auditor, or engineer.
  • - Network specialist, analyst, manager, architect, consultant, or an administrator.
  • - Technical support engineer.
  • - Senior systems engineer.
  • - Systems analyst or administrator.

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